Capitol Tires

Capitol Tires are manufactured by the Nexen Tire Corporation and Itochu International. Nexen is a well-established Korean company that has been manufacturing tires since 1942.

These tires come in a variety of different sizes and feature the “Sport” line of tires. Choose from the Sport, Sport UHP or Sport UHP Plus models. The Sport UHP, or Ultra High Performance brand, can be used for more severe road conditions, or for heavier usage, such as a long daily commute to work.

The Capitol Tires Sports series of all-season radials can be used on regular or more sporty-type vehicles. Consumers who have purchased these tires indicate that for the price, the tires perform well. The tires, according to users, provided a smoother ride, looked good and performed well in all kinds of weather conditions.

Also available from Capitol Tires is the Precision Trac II series, for use on light trucks. This series also offers a variety of sizes to accommodate many light truck models. The tread is deep and intended for all-season use to handle different road conditions as they change throughout the year, such as rain or wet conditions and even good traction in snowy conditions. Users of these types of tires have commented that the tires are only slightly warm to the touch after incurring speeds of up to 70 mph and provide a smooth ride.

If you need tires for commercial light trucks, Capitol offers the Commercial H/T or H/T LTR, for more heavy duty usage on a consistent basis. Consumers using these tires for commercial purposes indicate the tread is good, the tires perform well and the road noise generated by the tires is low. The sidewall design and overall appearance of these tires comes highly rated, as well.

Capitol Tires provides tires to fit popular car, light truck and commercial light truck models. The overall Capitol Tires Reviews are highly favorable, from the design to the performance to the price.