Capitol Sport Tires

Itochu International and Nexen Tires are the companies who developed Capitol Tires. Nexen is a popular company from Korea that has been making good quality tires since 1942.

These tires are available in a variety of sizes and boast the line of tires called Capitol Sport tires. You are able to choose from the Sport, Capitol Sport UHP or the Sport UHP Plus models. The Sport UHP or High End Sport UHP may be used in driving around more serious road conditions, or for driving and bearing a heavy load, like a long drive going to work.

The Capitol Sport tire’s line of all weather tires may be used on regular or a more sporty type of cars. Buyers who have purchased these tires said that for the tire’s cost, it’s worth the tire’s performance. Based on the individuals who purchased, Capitol Sport tires provide a far more stable ride, are really efficient and look great in all kinds of weather.

  • 175/70-13 CAPITOL SPORT 82T BW
  • 185/70-13 CAPITOL SPORT 86T BW
  • 175/65-14 CAPITOL SPORT 82H BW
  • 185/60-14 CAPITOL SPORT 82H BW
  • 185/65-14 CAPITOL SPORT 86H BW
  • 185/70-14 CAPITOL SPORT 88T BW
  • 195/60-14 CAPITOL SPORT 86H BW
  • 195/70-14 CAPITOL SPORT 91T BW
  • 205/70-14 CAPITOL SPORT 98T BW
  • 185/65-15 CAPITOL SPORT 88H BW