Capitol Sport UHP

Nexen Tire Corporation and Itochu International are the ones who created Capitol Tires. Nexen is a well known Korean company that’s been producing top quality tires since 1942.

These tires are available in many different sizes and feature the “Sport” line of tires. You can pick from Sport UHP Plus, the Sport, or the Capitol Sport UHP models. The Ultra High Performance or Sport UHP can be utilized for more serious road circumstances, or for more heavy usage, like a long daily drive going to work.
The Capitol Tire Sports UHP line of all-season radials can be utilized on normal or much more sporty kinds of vehicles. Customers who have bought these tires show that for the tire’s price, the tire works well. According to the ones who bought them, Capitol Sport UHP tires offered a more stable ride, performed well and looked good in all types of climate circumstances.

The Sport UHP is an all-season high quality performance tire. It is also an all-season passenger tire that can provide you with excellent control for customers that seek high quality effectiveness without having to pay more.

Capitol Sport UHP specifications:

  • All-Season traction
  • Exceptional value and quality
  • Ultra-high performance road handling
  • Quiet, comfortable ride performance

Tire Size: 205/50R17

Speed Rating: W

Load Index: 93


  • Treadwear: 360
  • Traction Asphalt – gForce
  • AA – Above 0.54
  • A – Above 0.47
  • B – Above 0.38
  • C – Less Than 0.38
  • Temperature: A Over 115 mph
  • Grades: B – Between 100 and 115 mph
  • C – Between 85 and 100 mph